About Us

Lexcellent is a Legal Support Services Company offering legal outsourcing solutions to Attorneys, Law Firms, Financial Institutions, Individual Practitioners, Legal Departments, Business Units and In-house Legal Departments in the USA, UK and Australia.

Our Support Solutions range from traditional document and litigation support to complex research driven solutions. Combined with our global presence in the USA and our state-of-the-art operations facility in Calcutta, we provide inventive solutions to our clients with our managed and professional services offerings.

We combine trained and experienced legal professionals, with exposure to leading technologies, quality control and thorough project management skills.

We ensure accuracy and efficiency using statistical methods, such as Six Sigma and Lean processes – the standards that we very closely follow and adhere to, project playbooks, and constant communication with our clients and their outside counsel. Our team members are recruited from top notch Law Schools of India and are rigorously trained and groomed to fit in to our culture before they are allowed to go live with client projects. Our team members use the latest online research tools, search across various data sources to identify statutes, regulations and legislation, and understand the relationship of local, national and international laws.

We also recognize the fact that confidentiality and data security are the utmost concern to our clients. It was with that in mind that we have deployed multiple security controls to protect client information, including personally identifiable or protected information. Our secured facilities are housed in Class A buildings, with world class infrastructure, such as power backup, super fast Internet connectivity, data backup and disaster recovery programmes.

The Lexcellent Advantage:

Our team of experienced attorneys and professionals share a single goal aimed in providing our clients with a competitive advantage that results in increased internal efficiency and cost effectiveness. Dedicated to client success, our experts can shape a solution that meets your exclusive strategic goals.

A proactive partnership with Lexcellent sets your firm apart. Whether you are engaged in a matter with budgetary constraints, are a small-to-midsize firm handling a large, high-volume matter, or are pitching new business opportunities, we will work with you to give your firm a competitive advantage with:

  • Exceptional Representation - Freed from high-volume, repeatable tasks, your attorneys can focus on substantive, high-value legal issues.
  • Deeper Relationships - By anticipating client needs with innovative, cost-effective solutions, you build long-lasting client relationships.
  • Increased Market Share - By delivering cost-effective quality work, your firm can price new engagements competitively.
  • Faster Turnaround Time - Our round-the-clock coverage allows work to be delivered to the client faster and more proactively.
  • Substantial Savings - Our innovative legal solutions deliver sizeable savings. On average, clients save as much as 70% over law firm attorneys and 30% over contract attorneys on project-based engagements.

The Lexcellent Information Storage and Deletion Policy:

Lexcellent has a transparent and explicit policy about the management of personal information that we come across during the course of our operations. The information is strictly secured from misuse and unauthorized access by third party. The following underlying points clearly give an idea of why and how your personal information is collected, protected, used and stored.

Why do we collect information?

We will collect personal information in the process of conducting business. Such personal information may be obtained directly from you, through another contact in your organization or through a third party who we believe has informed you that your details may be provided to us. We will only store your personal information if it is relevant to your organization conducting business with us.

We store personal information to ensure that we can maintain contact with the organizations with which we do business. This contact may be verbal, electronic or written. The reason for the contact may be to inform, request assistance or to maintain a relationship.

How do we collect the information?

We will only collect information directly from you. If we collect it from another source, we will do what is reasonably possible to inform you that we have collected the information. We will only use the information which we receive about you for the purpose of doing business with your organization or in connection with that purpose.

How do we store your personal information?

Your information is held in electronic form in our databases. We take proper precautions to ensure the security of that information. We also have a high level deletion policy and for that the information which is not needed is deleted from our systems or de-identified timely, so that it cannot be attributed to you personally. Some of the primary security and business continuity measures we deploy at our global delivery centre include.