Family Law

Case Study on Family Law

The Client is an US Law Firm.

Requirement and course of action
  • Married women facing torture from her husband who was addicted to drugs and alcohol, approaches the Law firm for preparation of divorce petition and research on property division.
  • Client required lawyers to work on the project
  • The Law Firm appoints Lexcellent LPO to perform the work. Bates numbered, each Client files transferred to Lexcellent LPO Servers using a secure access protocol. Client takes a video call with team members and describes the issue in hand vis-à-vis the assignment.

Action taken by Lexcellent LPO:
  • Project manager at Lexcellent convened meeting with team to explain about the requirements for the project, instructions, specifications and other details provided by the Client.
  • The team understands the Client requirements and the team lead decides on the allotment of work, number of people to work on the project, skills and training required.
  • Lexcellent built a dedicated team of 2 lawyers and 2 paralegals to work upon the project.
  • Team Lead at Lexcellent instructs the team to research on the issues and prepare a draft of petition based on sample petitions provided by client.
  • The team uses the IRAC method to solve the Client issues and the paralegal team prepares the Divorce petition.
  • Work was reviewed by lead attorneys at Lexcellent ensuring accuracy, brevity and clarity.
  • Quality check done by Quality Analyst to see whether it meets the Client requirements
  • Delivery team at Lexcellent transfers the petition back to the Law firm

  • The Client is satisfied with the work, the costs and the turnaround time.