Data Security

Data Security and Confidentiality:

Lexcellent focuses heavily on the security issues associated with transmitting data to a foreign site. Thus we have implemented innovative internal safeguards and our in-depth security measures ensure that we are at the forefront of data protection and confidentiality.

Our security and confidentiality policy includes the following measures:
  • Paperless office environment
  • 24 hour security guards
  • Compartmentalized keycard access
  • Print screen disabled (at the registry)
  • All USB ports disabled
  • Monitoring cameras located on floors to track employee movement
  • Server environment with IDS, firewall, etc.
  • Personal communications or data recording devices, such as mobile phones, CDs or USBs are not permitted anywhere on the production or facility floor
  • Restriction of shared information: Employees from one team cannot access data from another
  • Password protection: Every computer and folder is password protected
  • No individual is permitted to access personal e-mails or social media websites from their respective work stations
  • Data is relayed via dedicated and exclusive leased line high speed internet connections and a secure server with all electronic entry points secured and all data movement logged
  • Hardware firewall is implemented to provide strong security policy for LAN and WAN
  • Employees sign a non-disclosure agreement, which also protects confidentiality of the data.