Generally preparation of a Bill of Costs takes around 3 months. However, at LEXCELLENT, our in-house specialists can prepare and deliver an accurate Bill of Costs to you within 15 working days.

A Bill of Costs is an itemized list of expenses an existing party in a lawsuit needs to pay for services procured from an Attorney or Law firm. It can have varying levels of detail, and should describe the nature of the work done by the lawyer for the client, and any other expenses incurred.

Recoverable costs vary by jurisdiction, but often include copying fees, filing fees, travel expenses, court reporter fees, and electronic legal research costs. In some cases, particularly those in which attorney's fees are part of the relief demanded by the plaintiff, a Bill of Costs may be submitted to the court, in order to determine how much of the prevailing party's costs the losing party must pay.

LEXCELLENT LEGAL SERVICES work closely with some of the leading Law firms and niche specialist firms as well as working directly with other organizations with an interest in the legal services sector such as insurers, banks and accountancy firms. We offer a highly professional and dedicated service tailored to our clients' requirements to ensure we act as an extension of their departments or teams.

Our aim is to work together to deliver results quickly, effectively and commercially.

We are committed to tailoring costs solutions for every eventuality and offer a professional bespoke service.

We provide comprehensive services that meet our clients' current and long term needs.

We are able to provide a wide range of services from the preparation of Bill of Costs or Points of Dispute and Taxation to the conduct of major ground breaking costs litigation where important principles are established, as well as costs management services.

Our USP is our very quick Turn-Around-Time in preparing, examining and scrutinizing Bill of costs.