Our Facilities

Lexcellent is housed in world class, state-of-the-art, sophisticated, environment friendly, green buildings. Our offices have the following features:

  • Design and Construction: Our building boasts of efficient constructions in conformation to NBC standards and ETAB analysis for seismic and wind parameters have been incorporated in design. Our building is designed by Singapore based Architectural Consultant Acta International, and our Structural Design has been done by Predrag Eror, Dubai.

  • Power backup: 100% power back up through captive DG sets.

  • Fire Protection: Siemens fire and smoke detectors compliant with Fire Department norms and intelligent microprocessor based fire alarms, codes and panels. Water sprinklers with external and internal hydrants installed.

  • Energy Efficiency: Orientation of glazing to maximize natural light and minimize heat load. Capacitors for power factor correction.

  • Connectivity: High speed leased lines from multiple service providers with Tap off point at ground level.

  • Environment Friendly Features: Waste water recycling through STP and sophisticated softening plants for flushing in toilets sing energy efficient equipments