Our Services

Document Review

Our team of legal professionals offers accurate and quality Document Review & E-discovery services. Our team has extensive experience in handling documents and metadata like e-mail, instant messaging chats, web sites and other electronically-stored information. We assist the company/law firms with reviews to categorize documents as

  • Vetting of writ petitions, case papers, appeals for submission and pleadings for various legal proceedings.
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating various legal documents and commercial contracts, including, acquisitions, mergers, arbitration and contracts.

Corporate Secretarial Services:

  • Tracking of filing requirements and other regulatory obligations for your company.
  • Management of routine tasks such as drafting meeting notices, agendas and proxy statements
  • A dedicated team of lawyers with corporate secretarial experience that function like an extension of your department
  • A cost-effective alternative to in-house approaches

Legal Research:

    Working under the supervision of either in-house or outside counsel, our research lawyers can support a broad range of legal research tasks. The services we offer include:

  • Primary and secondary legislation searching
  • Case law research
  • Large-scale summation document abstracts
  • Journal searching
  • Current awareness
  • multi-jurisdictional surveys / legislative tracking


Our compliance solutions help clients in highly regulated fields, like insurance, banking, pharmaceuticals, energy, mining, telecommunications, IT, and financial services industries, manage their unique compliance requirements. By assigning the routine "check-box" tasks to our trained professionals, we can free your staff for higher-value tasks while ensuring uniformity, risk mitigation and lower costs.

With our comprehensive solutions and deep understanding of regulatory landscapes, we can eventually help clients get out in front of their future compliance needs.

Legal Content and Publishing Services:

Our team of lawyers is apt in review and summarization of large volumes of case, statutory and regulatory law.

Our Associates in the content and publishing division work with our clients to build tax publications from the ground up, from primary source research and content drafting to editing and quality control, and continuing through with weekly updates as new legislation and regulations make changes to the state of the law.

Our associates are skilled at researching statutes, regulations, and publications in order to summarize and explain complex legal issues to practitioners and taxpayers. We emphasize thorough research; concise and accurate writing; and exceptional quality control. All deliverables go through our rigorous internal quality control process before we delivery to our clients.

Contract Management and Abstraction:

Our in-house team manages contracts efficiently and effectively using client specific contract management tools. Contracts are managed to help the contracting parties to ensure smooth work flow, by informing expiry of contracts to enable the parties to take appropriate actions, by periodical renewal of contracts, and compliance requirements.

Our team of experienced attorneys performs abstraction of complex contracts, providing our clients an ongoing contract abstraction and database management.

We work on templates created by our expert team and/or provided by the client, catering to the client's requirements.

Precedent Creation and Copy type:

At Lexcellent we provide a comprehensive precedent creation and formatting service. Our precedent team can:

  • Convert 'raw' documents to the firm's precedent style guide
  • Perform legal review of precedents for relevance with current legislation
  • Process Flow in Precedent Creation and Document Formatting
  • Copy type of raw and voluminous data from Pdf format to Word format