Litigation Support
  • Document Review

    Our team of legal professionals offers accurate and quality Document Review & E-discovery services. Our team has extensive experience in handling documents and metadata like e-mail, instant messaging chats, web sites and other electronically-stored information. We assist the company/law firms with reviews to categorize documents as

    • Vetting of writ petitions, case papers, appeals for submission and pleadings for various legal proceedings.
    • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating various legal documents and commercial contracts, including, acquisitions, mergers, arbitration and contracts.

  • Judgment Summarization

    Working under the supervision of either in-house or outside counsel, our research lawyers can support a broad range of legal research tasks. The services we offer include:

    • Primary and secondary legislation searching
    • Case law research
    • Large-scale summation document abstracts
    • Journal searching
    • Current awareness
    • Multi-jurisdictional surveys / legislative tracking

  • Head Note Writing

    Our team of expert lawyers can extract documents and create Head Notes using all parameters and laying out special provision for extracting ratio decidendi.