Have you ever thought of the cost accrued by you year after year for warehousing your documents and hard copies pertaining to litigation, suits and cases?

What if we say that we at LEXCELLENT can nullify your warehousing costs? Yes, you heard it right.

Have you ever thought what if your documents get destroyed due to Fire, Flood or Vandalism? Even if there is no fire or flood, but due to Time, Temperature and Humidity the paper becomes so fragile that it gets torn off when used.

Are you at a loss because of the alarming rate at which Files seem to be taking over your entire office space?

For every office, however big or small it may be, there is one common pain: Managing the Documents.

Did it ever happen that you couldn't find the required file before an important meeting?

Or, your precious files and documents which were stored in a storage house got damaged due to water seepage, temperature or got infested by rodents!

In this day and age, where information is of prime importance, managing the very root ofinformation (the documents) becomes a task of high priority.

In this era of technology driven management, why would you want to physically store and manage your documents and then lose sleep over it?

LEXCELLENT have introduced its document digitizing services to help organizations across the globe go paperless.

We help converting your documents into digital formats that can be preserved for a lifetime. Be it any kind of data or document, right from audio, texts, video, images, business cards, periodicals to books can be easily digitized and converted into any required format that can be transferred over any media.

Advantages of Digitizing Documents:

  • Can be easily accessed and preserved
  • Can be securely stored
  • Can be quickly retrieved and updated
  • Can be shared or transferred in no time
  • Will be compatible with all modes of data transfer digitally

Processes involved in Document Digitization:

Level 1Services
Our phase 1 process starts from receiving the cartons from dockyard and transporting them to our temporary storage facility. The next step involves rough bucketing of the documents in to 'Relevant' and 'Non-relevant' segments. This is followed by digitizing of the 'Relevant' documents using the best of the class scanners and placing them in cloud servers for easy and quick access from client destinations. The 'Non Relevant' documents are shredded off at our delivery center. Depending on client protocols we can store the 'Relevant' hard copies or can ship them back to client destinations.

Level II Services
The level II services include the scanning of all documents and carefully indexing all items in specific folders. The indexed documents are finally archived in definite folders and the hard copies are stored, shredded or shipped back as per client requirements. This is done under the supervision of paralegals and secretaries and at all point of time our clients are provided accurate figures of work progress on a daily basis.