Litigation Coding

Case Study on Litigation Coding

The Client
The Client is an US based law firm.

Requirement and course of action
  • Code 75,000 time sheets in support of the plaintiff's claim creating a database and chronology of events for the production before the court.
  • Client required attorneys and paralegals to work on the project with high quality.
  • The law firm turns to Lexcellent LPO to perform the work. Bates numbered each client files transferred to Lexcellent LPO Servers using a secure access protocol (SSH FTP). Client provides online training as to the approach he is looking for and to the saving protocol of the time sheets in chronology. He also instructs the team on software use methodology and provides access to in-house software and tool. All client instructions are recorded in video for future references.

Lexcellent LPO: Action taken
  • Project manager at Lexcellent convened meeting with team to explain about the requirements for the project, instructions, specifications and other details provided by the Client.
  • The team understands the Client requirements and the team lead decides on the allotment of work, number of people to work on the project, skills and training required.
  • Lexcellent built a dedicated team of 2 attorneys and 8 paralegals to work upon the project.
  • Team lead at Lexcellent instructs the team to review the documents using software application and enter selected data into separate folders maintained in each plaintiffs name; and send the same for the review by lead attorneys.
  • The team works upon the project and completes it in 80 days.
  • Work was reviewed by lead attorneys at Lexcellent .
  • Quality check was done by quality analyst to see whether it meets the Client requirement.
  • Delivery team at Lexcellent transfer the completed database and chronology back to the law firm for incorporation into their existing case file.


The Client is satisfied with the work, the costs and the turnaround time.